The Jungle Book - Cast List


Thank you to everyone who auditioned. Trevor, Wyatt and I are all very excited to get started. It was difficult to cast this show, we had lots of great options. When casting you have to consider everything, including conflicts. With it being summer a lot of cast members have several conflicts. We have three weeks to rehearse and perform this full length children's musical, so conflicts were a big part in casting. Those actors who will miss some rehearsals will have a study guide. 

We will be filming dances, so actors who miss rehearsals can catch up and study their dance moves.

Please start memorizing your lines right away. Every cast member is in EVERY song/dance. This is going to be a great learning experience for everyone, including myself. "The Jungle Book" will be my first children's show. I'm looking forward to embarking on this journey with the kids.

Once you've read the cast list, you MUST email me to accept or decline your role:

After you have accepted, I will email you a link to the script. Rehearsals begin at 3pm on Monday, July 6th. Please memorize as much as you can by then. Everyone will need to be off book by July 15th. There will be a production fee of $125. This fee is only $100 if you are in the summer camp. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you so much! We are so excited to start dancing, singing and laughing with each of you.

-Brittany Grim (Harrington)

Some people have multiple parts. Read carefully
Cast List:

Bagheera - Black Panther - Alex Dobson

Mowgli - Boy - Elliot Harrington

Baloo - Bear - Devin Denkers

King Louie - Charlie Macdonald

Kaa - Snake - Zoe Real

Shere Khan - Carlee Kennedy

Hathi - Elephant Leader - Ukiah Towns

Hathi Jr. (elephant #8) - Morgan Suit

Winifred (Elephant #1) - Ana Hawley

Elephant #2 - Rachel Cleary

Elephant #3 - Kailee Mae Verdeyen

Elephant #4 - Annie Town

Elephant #5 - Braden Grubb

Elephant #6 - Makena Phillips

Elephant #7 - Ashley Bradberry

Monkey #1 - Taryn Thompson (Lead Dancer)

Monkey #2 - Chelsea Kennedy

Monkey #3 - Camryn Harrington

Monkey #4 - Miley Lunsford

Monkey #5 - Ella Ziebell

Monkey #6 - Nhev Scharrel

Monkeys: Morgan Suit, Eleanor Incovelli, Calvin Ziebell, Gabriella Nelson, Marley Gebhardt, Ashley Bradberry, Iris Harrington

Deer (Specialty Dancers) - Chelsea, Taryn, Camryn

Buzzy - Ana Hawley

Flaps - Makena Phillips

Ziggy - Kailee Verdeyen

Dizzy - Katrina Book

Girl (Soloist) - Ashley Bradberry

Akela -Wolf Elder - Charlie Macdonald

Rama - Wolf - Braden Grubb

Raksha - Wolf - Nhev Scharrel

Wolf Pack - Katrina, Ella, Marley, Eleanor, Gabriella

"Age of Aquarius"

 Thank you to everyone who signed up to be in "Age of Aquarius". This is going to be a very special and unique experience. Tonight from 5:30-7:30pm we will hand out scripts and do a read thru. If you can't come tonight, please come by HAA to get your script ASAP. Every cast member is given a number or a specific monologue title. Next to some names you will see some solos this character will be singing. If you have any questions, please contact
Please remember that EVERYONE is on stage the whole time.
There will be LOTS of dancing, singing and lines for everyone.

We look forward to seeing you tonight at 5:30pm!

1: Britta Olson
2: Trevor Shuffler - Surfin' USA, Ball of Confusion
3: Lacey Baptista
4: Trey Hardy - Ball of Confusion, Yellow Submarine
6: Lindsey Ranz - Let's Get Together
7: Teghan Simon - Bobby Verse
8: Adam Powell - Yellow Submarine
9: Bailey Kleppe
10: Jenni Huynh - Fixin' to Die
11: Zoe Schutte
12: Sarah Houlton - Martin Verse, Let's Get Together
13: Cierra Pangrac - Let's Get Together
14: Hannah Jobman
15: Wyatt Suit - Ball of Confusion, Yellow Submarine, Something's Happenin' Here
16: Satori Bahus-Meyer
17: Dain Daniels - Ball of Confusion, Yellow Submarine
18: Evan DeBord - John Verse
19: Breanna Vandenbosch
20: Tyler Lund - Revolution, Ball of Confusion, Let's Get Together
MLK Monologue: Mary Bahus-Meyer
Social Science Teacher: Nikki Lund
Language Arts Teacher: Tonya Bennett
Voiceover/Hippie Chick: Kyla Suit

The Humor Games Comedy Troupe  
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