"Big Friendly Giant the Musical" OPENS SOON!

Performances: March 20th, 21st at 7pm, 22nd at 2pm

Reserve tickets by emailing: HAABrittany@gmail.com

Seating is limited. Ticket prices are: Ages 4-9 Presale $6, Door $8 -- Ages 10 and Up Presale $8, Door $10

"Little Shop of Horrors" Cast List

Cast Meeting Tuesday, March 3rd 5-8pm

Congratulations to everyone who made the cast list. Casting a show is always difficult, but this time you all made it extra challenging. Between everyone's talent, and how prepared you all were at callbacks, these decisions were not easy. We are very excited to work with you all.

Something we pride ourselves on at HAA is making sure ALL actors have lots of stage time. The ensemble will have several parts, so please make sure you read the entire list.

Our first cast meeting is Tuesday, March 3rd from 5-8pm. We will go over your contracts, the rehearsal schedule, expectations, production fees and read the script. Rehearsals will be Tuesday and Thursdays from 5-8pm and Saturdays from 9am-1pm. Not everyone will have to be at each rehearsal. When creating the rehearsal schedule, we always try to accommodate issues listed on your audition form, as well as making sure not to waste anyone's time.

Please keep in mind we have understudies for some of the parts at the bottom of the list.

We guarantee this will be a great experience, with lots of laughs and growth.

Our expectations for our HAA performers drastically grow each show,

so everyone be prepared to work really hard, with a rewarding outcome.


You MUST email HAABrittany@gmail.com to accept or decline your role by 8pm this evening, and please feel free to email with questions.

We are always happy to give feedback about your audition. 

Cast List:

 Seymour: Bradley Harney

Doo Wops: Teghan Simon, Alyson Buckner, Abbie Hanawalt, Lindsey Ranz, Sarah Houlton, Hannah Jobman, Wyatt Suit

Mushnik: Bryce Schwarz

Audrey: Candace Macan

Audrey II: Zoe Schutte

Orin: Brandon Marshall

Opening Voice: Dani Flores

Wino #1: Trevor Shuffler

Chang: Sarah Steen

Customer #1: Adam Powell

Interviewer: Trevor Shuffler

Bernstein: Anthony Brewster

Skip Snip: Trevor Shuffler

Mrs. Luce: Dani Flores

Patrice Martin: Dakota Parker

Townspeople/Dentist Goers/Customer Scenes(Sing "Skid Row", "The Meek Shall Inherit", "Finale"):

Dakota Parker, Adam Powell, Anthony Brewster, Trevor Shuffler, McKenna Young, Dani Flores,

Sarah Steen, Faith McKenzie, Lacey Baptista, Satori Bahus-Meyer, Marin Schutte

Understudy List:

Seymour: Wyatt Suit

Audrey: Dakota Parker

Doo Wop: Dani Flores

Audrey II: Trevor Shuffler

CAST LIST "Big Friendly Giant - The Musical"

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for "BFG- The Musical". Because we had such a great turn-out, we have added a lot of great characters. We know that the book mainly has 3 characters, but our version will add lots more. We split the cast based on height. The characters we added, will be just as important and big as all the originals. All the giants will have dance numbers and songs. The orphans will open the show with a fun dance number. We have added narrators to help push the story along. The Big Friendly Giant has sidekicks that will stay beside him the whole show and help him along his journey.

Our goal is to give everyone equal stage time, with songs, dances and multiple parts.

We are very excited to share this experience with you all.

Rehearsals begin Monday, February 2nd at 5pm. We will have our first read-thru and then start rehearsing. Rehearsals are Monday and Wednesdays from 5-7pm.

The show performs March 20th and 21st at 7pm and 22nd at 2pm.

Parents, we are looking for some help with painting the set and making props. If you are willing and interested, please email HAABrittany@gmail.com. The stage will look like the original book with chapters, quotes, and pictures. The back wall will be a huge storybook.

You must accept or decline your part by email HAAZoeS@gmail.com.

Scripts will be emailed to all families this Friday.

Email HAABrittany@gmail.com with questions.

Thanks again for auditioning! We are really looking forward to this fun experience.

-Zoe, Trevor and Brittany


BFG- Sydnee Vigil

BFG Sidekicks - Elliot Harrington and Bryanna Campbell

Sophie - Braylyn Mauck

Narrators: Morgan Suit, Alex Dobson

The Bloodbottler - Zoe Real

The Fleshlumpeater - Kailee Mae Verdeyen

The Bonecruncher - Renee Johnson

The Childchewer - Ashley Campbell

The Manhugger - Gwen Gerken

The Gizzardgulper - Taryn Thompson

The Maidmasher - Sienna Loughlin

The Meatdripper - Mattie Jay

The Butcher Boy - Nora Schutte

Head of the Military - Braden Grubb

The Queen of England - Katrina Book

Mary, the Queen’s Maid - Annika Book

Miss Tibbs - Peyton Hendricks

Caretaker at orphanage - Zoe Real

Orphans - Morgan Suit, Alex Dobson, Kailee Mae Verdeyen, Renee Johnson, Ashley Campbell, Qwen Gerken, Taryn Thompson, Sienna Loughlin, Mattie Jay, Nora Schutte, Katrina Book, Annika Book, Peyton Hendricks


If a class is full, please email us to be added to a wait list or added to a new session of that class.