Summer Schedule 6/1-6/26.  No showcase for classes.


Acting Through Improv (Ages 8-12) - Bryce Schwarz and Brandon Likes  5:15-6:10pm  
Acting Through Improv (Ages 12-15) - Bryce Schwarz and Brandon Likes  6:15-7:10pm  
All the World's a Stage Musical Theatre (Ages 5-12) - Lindsey Ranz/Sarah Houlton  5:00-6:30pm  
Ballet for Beginners (Ages 13-18) - Monica Meiu  7:15-8:10pm  
HAA Choir (Ages 12-18) - Jason Bradberry7:15-8:10pm    
HAA Choir (Ages 18 and up) - Jason Bradberry6:15-7:10pm    
Jazz for Beginners (Ages 12-16) - Monica Meiu 6:15-7:10pm   
Summer Camp9-2:30pm9-2:30pm9-2:30pm9-2:30pm9-2:30pm