Harrington Arts Academy, you have enriched my daughter's life with your amazing classes, and I am so thankful for your academy! My twelve-year-old has had some huge changes in her life, not to mention starting middle school. She has found a voice and an outlet for her creativity through this time at HAA. Both instructors for her Improv Class, Mackenzie Speer and Bryce Schwarz, are phenomenal teachers and have helped her so much. She looks forward to class each week and is happy when I pick her up, no small feat for a pre-teen girl. Thank you so much for brightening our lives! - Sarina Baptista, Loveland, CO

"We love HAA!  They  Harringtons geniunely care about the students and their family, we feel they are part of our own family.  Sarah started taking classes in July and I have seen tremendous growth in her singing and acting.  We will continue to take classes at HAA and be a part of their productions!"
-Rosanna Houlton

"Being a part of the HAA community has allowed my son to build his self-confidence, while also allowing him to explore different talents that he didn't know he liked or was even able to do.  He has made many friends and has found that these new experiences are transferring into creative and critical thinking at school.  Thank you for all you do!"
-Kyla Suit

"Enrolling our son, Adam, in Harrington  has been the best thing we have ever done for him.  He loves the classes and all of the instructors.  He has the most amazing experiences at Harrington."
-Carey Powell

"I can't even tell you how much fun she had last week. She adores "Boo" and talks about him all the time. She told me that Boo is her "new favorite-est man in the whole entire universe!" I figured she'd enjoy this experience, but had no idea it would be this huge for her.  Thanks so much. We'll see you tonight!
-Dena Dial

"I am taking the Michael Jackson Hip Hop class with Mr. Brandon. It's AWESOME! He is a fun teacher."
- Micaiah Vasiliauskas

"My son is taking a Hip Hop class with Mr. Brandon. He really enjoys the class, and I think dancing has given him more confidence in other areas of his life. He wants to audition for some plays now, which really surprised and excited me! I am very thankful for everyone at Harrington; they make my son feel great about himself and he has lots of fun, too."
- Carolyn Vasiliauskas

"What a great addition the Harrington Arts Academy and Harrington family have been to the Loveland community!  Our son is passionate about theater and HAA has provided him with many opportunities to be on the stage and grow as a performer.  The students and staff are all like one big family who work, have fun and support each other."
-Jim and Marilyn Hilgenberg

"Thanks for last night.  What a wonderful evening!  The girls enjoyed their classes so much and we look forward to more in the future.  Thanks again.  We are so glad to have found you guys!"

 -Cris Alsum

These quotes are from Brandon Harrington's (Co-Owner and Head Teacher) High School English, Acting, and Speech students:

“I learned more in a semester acting class with Mr. Harrington than I did in all my other year long classes combined.”- Rebecca

“He taught me things I could never learn in a textbook.” - Francis

“I learned to express myself during this year in ways I didn’t think I could.” – Russell

“When you come into the class it’s like all your problems don’t even matter.” – Jasmine

“If all the teachers were like radio stations, they’d be AM and he’d be FM.” – Nathalie

“He makes each class period a new experience.” – Evan

“A lot of times he’ll put the lesson in your hands and let you run with it.” – David

“He does many educational fun activities that bring out your inner creativity.” – Don

“He really inspired and made a new person out of me. I am more confident about myself and I’m not afraid to speak up anymore.” – Manpreet

“His class was my favorite because it always got me into a good mood for the day and it was a great place to relax, be happy, and express myself.” – Danisha

“Mr. Harrington is about expression and making learning fun, but class can also get serious and insightful too.” - Delight

“I was excited to go to his class everyday because there was always something new and exciting to do.” – Marissa

“He is the most unpredictable, refreshing and creative teacher that I’ve ever had.” – Kayla

“Mr. Harrington’s class is one where you can be outgoing and showcase all your talents.” – Melissa

“You’ll also learn a lot about yourself and there’s something about the environment that’ll make you completely comfortable with yourself and your peers.” – Camille

“To learn or not to learn…not even a question’.” – Marie

“For the first time language arts felt like an art.” – Narda

“His teaching techniques will give you a whole new perspective.” – Trina

“Your writing will improve as well, and you will learn to use your imagination and creativity in everything you do.” – Leika

“It will be an experience you’ll never forget.” – Edward

“He’s extremely creative and loves to see his students’ different personalities open up.” – Nicole

“Mr. H is a one of a kind teacher. You will find yourself waking up and wanting to go to school just to go to his class.” – Erica

“He is your break from all the boring, strict uptight teachers you might get. He can actually relate to you.” - Matthew

“Being in H’s class is a privilege and a great opportunity like winning the lotto. Mr. H gives 150% effort to all of his students.” - Jenai

“Just wanted to tell you how much Lani is enjoying your class and how you teach English. She has always kind of done her own thing and you have encouraged her to be her own person. Thanks again for your support.” - Mrs. Renshaw